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There are 31 projects in this section.
1. Advanced Computer Architecture
 Description:CoE 353, Advanced Computer Architecture, is the first computer engineering course at NJIT to be offered in distance learning mode.  The cour
2. Biomaterials
 Description:Interactive Module on biomaterials providing introductory information on material science, fatigue failure, fabrication processes etc
3. BioRehab Engineering Modules 1993-1994
 Description:Bioinstrumentation modules were developed, consisting of (a) chapters covering the fundamentals of acoustics, physiology of the human ear an
4. Biotechnology
 Description:In this module one learns about the fundamental elements of biotechnology and the applications of the same in fields ranging from agricultur
5. Book List for CHEMWRITE Course
 Description:Includes images and ISBN numbers for books used in C1403/1404 course
6. CHEMWRITE: A Collaborative Model of Writingin the College
Chemistry Curriculum

 Description:This 7-Page pdf documents outlines the theory of the writing assignment in the Chem Write course, by Sandra Prior, Bhawani Venkataram, Rober
7. CHEMWRITE:Full Presentation
 Description:A Comprehensive Video-Based Web Presentation with interview segments featuring Preceptor Robert Battistini speaking on the CHEMWRITE program
8. Earthquakes, Origins and Predictions
 Description:Earthquakes are one of the most feared natural disasters. Thus the need to understand their origin and prediction wil be useful in building
9. Emerging Internet Technologies
 Description:Emerging Internet Technologies and their applications are explained. A comparison between packet switching and circuit switching in terms of
10. Engineering Approaches to Cholesterol linked diseases
 Description:Cholesterol is both a nutrient as well as one that causes diseases. Onset of two cholesterol-linked diseases, namely atherosclerosis and gal
11. Engineering Horizons
 Description:Engineering Horizons is a collection of course modules addressing engineering techical issues at the forefront of the modern techological pu
12. Engineering Statistics
 Description:Statistical methods are germane to every discipline of engineering. Traditionally each of the departments has its own version of statistics
13. Exploring The Nanolandscape
 Description:Important tools of the emerging nanotechnology area are the microscopes that enable spatially localized measurement and manipulation. Fundam
14. Fiberoptic Communcation Systems
 Description:Fiber optics has made significant improvement in data carrying capacity of networks. This module introduces fundamental principles of fiber
15. For a Common language in the House of Poetry
 Description:The title “The House of Poetry” was that adopted for an exciting Leo Leonni Seminar offered in 1995 and 1996 to a small group of students at
16. Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometry
 Description:This is a standalone interactive introduction to the theory of Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometry. It includes a real-time animated pla
17. Implementaiton of Course EE/MA 315
Wavelets and Multiresolution Imaging

 Description:This PDF contains the Course Modules and Term Assignments for "Wavelets and Multiresolution Imaging," a class offered jointly by the Departm
18. Knowledge Building Environments Website
 Description:Knowledge Building Environments is an initiative led by Joseph Cataldo to revise the curriculum for Fluid Mechanics classes at the Cooper Un
19. Laser-based Non-destructive Evaluation and Monitoring
 Description:Lasers create a high intensity, directed light beam that can travel in air or through fiber optic cables. Lasers can be used to generate wav
20. Medical Robotics
 Description:Robots can execute complex movements and manipulations accurately and repeatedly. thus robot-assisted surgery has the potential to enhance t
21. Network Integrity and Information Assurance
 Description:Computer systems store very critical corporate and individual information. While the information is widely available to authorized users, it
22. Reading and Writing for the Humanities
 Description:This is an on-line course called 'Greek and Latin Roots of English" which is a part of the remedial course for ESL engineering students.
23. Smart Pharmaceuticals
 Description:Efficay of a drug is optimized when it is available to the diseased organ at the right concentration and for the desired period. Optimized d
24. Spring 2001 CHEMWRITE Web Pages
 Description:Web Pages are Self-Contained and includes information and assignments for Columbia University's CHEMWRITE courses C1404 from Spring 2001
25. Student Paper From CHEMWRITE Course
 Description:This 8-Page pdf document features examples of first and second drafts of a student paper with instructor comments in the Chemwrite course
26. The Engineering of Nature, Constructals–Overview Website
 Description:Understanding how nature is engineered can help to determine how a shape occurs and how a structure develops. It can also stimulate the imag
27. Tissue Engineering
 Description:The repair or replacement of living tissue, the application of interdisciplinary principles,and the use of natural and/or synthetic material
28. Tools and Techniques of Design
 Description:The Tools of Design Workshops provided a series of symposiums on state-of-the-art engineering tools geared toward interdisciplinary professi
29. Tutorials on engineering mechanics
 Description:Animated tutorials on "Z-Force", "Curvilinear Accelerations", and "The Mast Problem".
30. Waste Containment Technology
 Description:Disposal of waste requires careful engineering and design to avoid contamination of ground water. High Density polyethylene, a geosynthetic
31. Wireless Communications
 Description:Real-time monitoring of large man-made structres requires that evaluation to be done without destroying the structure. Thus lasers are used

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