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Gateway Engineering Education Coalition

There are 9 projects in this section.
1. Bridges
 Description:There is much that we can do in our work as engineers, artists and architects to restore the necessary constructive connection between human
2. Cities:An Interdisciplinary Course
 Description:This product contains a variety of course materials for the Polytechnic University’s program on “Cities.” It contains course outlines, list
3. Concurrent Design and Manufacturing Project–Overview Website
 Description:This Gateway Project has explored the feasibility of a virtual campus concept in which engineering schools share their expertise and resourc
4. GlobeTech - Introduction Web Site
 Description:The Global Technology Management Simulation (GLOBETECH) is an original Curriculum Innovation and Development (CID) project developed at the
5. Govenor's Island
 Description:When the US Coast Guard abandoned its station at Governor's Island, President Clinton offered to sell it to the City for $1.00. Though the C
6. Intersection of the Future
 Description:The Intersection of the Future was the topic for a MYMUP class at Cooper Union in 1996. The class focused on ideas to better the intersectio
7. Multi University Design Project and Multimedia Design Modules
 Description:The modules are used at Ohio State in a senior capstone design class and in an elective class on CAD/CAM. There are a number of content modu
8. Multi-Year, Multi-University Project - Overview Website
 Description:MYMUP, which stands for "Multi-Year Multi-University Project, is an interdisciplinary, inter-university project which encourages students fr
9. Smart Street Concept
 Description:The Smart Street Kiosk was designed by collaboration between three Gateway Schools (Cooper Union, Polytechnic University and Florida Interna

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