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Gateway Engineering Education Coalition

The undergraduate engineering educational experience can be enhanced when students get to see and do things that compliment traditional class room lecture. To accomplish this, the Gateway Materials Group has developed education modules that demonstrate materials science and engineering concepts at introductory and intermediate levels. These modules contain hands-on laboratory and instrumentation procedures, multi-media instruction modules, and video demonstrations. Educators can pick and choose these tools, view or download them, according to the requirements of their university’s curricula

There are 13 projects in this section.
1. Casting and Phase Diagrams
 Description:In this video based module, castings are made from aluminum-copper alloys. The effects of varying the alloy composition are discussed with r
2. Corrosion Of Metals
 Description:In this multimedia module, three types of corrosion are explained using text descriptions, animated graphics, and equations. The module is a
3. Electrical Conductivity
 Description:In this multimedia module, electrical conductivity and the factors which affect it in both metals and semi-conductors are explained using te
4. Elements of Microstructure
 Description:This is a Web based module on the microstructure of metals and ceramics.
5. Fracture Mechanics
 Description:In this multimedia module, fracture mechanics of materials is discussed using text descriptions, animated graphics, and equations.
6. Heat Treatment of 1040 Steel
 Description:This video based module documents a set of experiments which demonstrate the effects of heat treating 1040 steel with quenching performed by
7. Integrated Engineering Materials laboratory Experiments
 Description:In this module, the materials engineering laboratory experiments which were developed at the University of South Carolina by Dr. Lyons are l
8. Interactive Glossary For Engineering Materials
 Description:This CD-ROM contains illustrations, animations, and video clips for learning materials science and engineering. The module is available for
9. Optical Properties of Matter
 Description:In this multimedia module, the optical properties of matter are discussed using text descriptions, animated graphics, and equations. The mod
10. Portable Multi-axial Test System
 Description:This page discusses the system developed by Dr. Perdikaris which will be used to generate video based laboratories.
11. Quantum Structure of Materials
 Description:This material was presented at the Frontiers in Education Conference held November 4-7, 1998 in Tempe, Arizona. The quantum mechanical conce
12. Solid State Materials
 Description:This is a senior level course on electromagnetics for electrical engineers. About six weeks out of fifteen are devoted to materials and mate
13. Welding and Joining
 Description:In this multimedia module, several types of welding, as well as brazing and soldering, are discussed using diagrams, animated graphics, and

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