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Gateway Engineering Education Coalition

The Environmental Engineering CID of the Gateway coalition is developing a rich variety of "course modules" in selected impact areas that will support environmental education at a wide variety of universities independently of how their programs are organized. "Course modules" are packages of information that can be used to occupy approximately one to two weeks of course time (3 to 6 class periods plus assignments) and can be used to enrich existing environmental courses, can be combined to build new courses, and can be applied in innovative educational approaches such as freshman design team projects. The following "impact areas" were selected for academic year 1995-96:

  • Solid and Hazardous Waste
  • Water/Wastewater Treatment & Environmental Chemistry
  • Air Pollution
  • Environmental Hydraulics & Water Resources

The goal of the Environmental Engineering CID is to package educational resources in exciting new ways so they may be shared among Environmental curricula within and beyond the Gateway.

There are 11 projects in this section.
1. A Shared Resource Module for Environmental Engineering Education
 Description:This publication contains documentation on a series of Environmental Engineering "Shared Resources" modules that resulted from a three -year
2. Drainage Using HEC-1
 Description:This study consists of a learning module for undergraduate environmental or civil engineering students. A state of the art computer program
3. Environmental Design/ Manufacturing Management
 Description:The goal of the Environmental Design/Manufacturing Management (EDMM) project is to examine real-world practices of the harmonious placement
4. Environmental Engineering Across The Engineering Curriculum;
Classroom Case Studies and Database Application

 Description:This project is a compilation of chemical concentration data from several treatment facilities. They range from local municipalities to indu
5. Environmental Engineering Teaching Modules
 Description:These teaching modules have been developed in the areas of air pollution, water pollution, wastewater treatment, hazardous waste management,
6. Everglades Information Network and Everglades Digital Library
 Description:Considered a major matching effort by Florida International Libraries and the Everglades National Park, South Florida Natural Resource Cente
7. GIS Applications in Various Disciplines
with emphasis on Environmental Engineering

 Description:The software (CD-ROM) selected and purchased, as per the project proposal, for the purpose of immediate implementation of GIS applications i
8. Lab Manual for Fundamentals of Engineering Design
 Description:A Lab Manual for Fundamentals of Engineering Design. Includes Basic Concepts for Measurements & Analysis of Measured Data and description o
9. NJIT Experience in Fundamentals of Engineering Design
 Description:NJIT Experience in Fundamentals of Engineering Design and Freshman Engineering Courses. Disciplinary and Interdisciplinary Orientated Fresh
10. Planning & Siting of a Manufacturing Facility using Hazardous Materials
 Description:Planning & Siting of a Manufacturing Facility using Hazardous Materials-Course Materials including Intro., Siting a Facility, Aspirin Manuf.
11. Shared Resources
 Description:Senoir and Graduate level students of The Cooper Union and the co-PI beta tested various course modules received from the Polytechnic Univer

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