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Gateway Engineering Education Coalition

The Gateway Coalition Minorities leadership group includes the minority program directors or multi-cultural directors from our Coalition institutions. A number of programs have been undertaken during these past few years at each of our partner institutions. These have included: bridge programs, sensitivity training, mentoring programs, summer research opportunities, and community outreach.

While the Gateway leadership continues to encourage such programs we have made some specific program focus decisions. When possible, we want to be a catalyst for change and leverage Gateway support to serve as seed support with other efforts. Where possible, we desire that supportive programs specifically geared to assist with increasing the percentage of minorities in Engineering be imbedded within the broader culture of the educational mission for all students.

There are 12 projects in this section.
1. Caribbean Student Organization
 Description:The urgent necessity is clear. A Caribbean Student Organization will provide a medium through which Caribbean students can develop an educa
2. Caribbean Students Association
 Description:The purpose of the C.S.A is to promote academic, cultural, service and social programs for the University, community in the Unites States an
3. Cascade Mentoring Program: Video
 Description:An inspirational video developed by Drexel University, a founding partner with the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers of the Cascade
4. Educational Learning Assistants
 Description:This pilot project (the ELA Program) was designed to increase the retention rate of EOP sophomores from 74 percent to 84 percent over one ac
5. High School Introduction to Engineering
 Description:These instruction materials for a high school introduction to Engineering course include lectures and powerpoint format, supplemental readin
 Description:HOST, the Hispanic Organization of Students in Technology, is a diverse student cultural organization that is determined to promote the Hisp
7. Introducing Under-represented Students to Research
Through Funded Programs

 Description:A good source of both graduate and undergraduate students to assist with or develop "research" efforts is from programs designed to introduc
8. Introduction to Engineering for High Schools
 Description:The successful introduction of engineering at a significant level into the freshman year has led some institutions to develop a pre-college
9. McNair Program 2002
 Description:The Ronald E. McNair Postbaccalaureate Achievement Program at NJIT encourages low-income, first-generation and underrepresented undergraduat
10. Service for Students with Disabilities
 Description:The Office of Disability Services provides reasonable accommodations and accessibility for students with permanent disabilities, in accordan
11. Summer Academy in Technology and Science
 Description:The Summer Academy at NJIT is a five-week program for academically talented high school students who want to get a jump on their college car
12. The NACME Vanguard Program
 Description:Working in the inner city high schools of New York, Houston and Philadelphia. Vanguard identifies 11th grade students whose academic record

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