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Gateway Engineering Education Coalition

The aim of the Women in Engineering is to create a dynamic, evolving medium to facilitate the interactions between faculty and students and to access to up-to-date information and resources pertinent to women in engineering with emphasis on the needs of current and future women engineering students and faculty.

The information is available to and accessible by all Gateway students and faculty. The dissemination and publication medium is Hypertext/ Multimedia/Networking on the World Wide Web under the Gateway Engineering Coalition Home Page umbrella.

There are 16 projects in this section.
 Description:ACE NNWL is a support group for women administrators and faculty. It is dedicated to the professional development and advancement of women
2. Big Sister/Little Sister
 Description:Big Sister/Little Sister's objective is to match incoming female freshman with female upperclassmen. Over the summer they both get to know
3. Career Support Groups for Women
 Description:The Murray Center provides a central home for a variety of professional and support groups who work to increase the visibility of women at N
4. Cascade Mentoring Program: Video
 Description:An inspirational video developed by Drexel University, a founding partner with the Society of Hispanic Professiional Engineers of the Cascad
5. Cooper Union Leadership Seminar for Women Engineers
 Description:Cooper Union Leadership Seminar for Women Engineers. Web page(s) covering experience from Cooper Union Goes Outward Bound.
6. Girls Opportunities in Engineering and Science (GOES)
 Description:GOES provides middle school girls with a half day program of engineering laboratories. Students are given an overview of engineering and wo
7. Introduction to Engineering for High Schools
 Description:The successful introduction of engineering at a significant level into the freshman year has led some institutions to develop a pre-college
8. Positive Opportunities for Women Engineers Retention
 Description:The positive opportunities for Women Engineer's Retention (POWER) program concluded a study of five New Jersey colleges to identify the type
9. Society of Women Engineers
 Description:The Society of Women Engineer stimulates women to achieve full potential in careers as engineers and leaders, expands the image of the engin
10. The Constance A. Murray Women Center
 Description:The Murray Center is designed to meet the needs of women faculty, staff and students at a technological university. It provides a forum for
11. Web Sites of Special Interest to Women in Technology
 Description:This site contains links to other Web sites that may be of interest to women.
12. WiE Conference Planning Manual
 Description:This manual puts forth a model for organizations to consider when organizing a conference. The manual describes a process, used successfully
13. Women in Engineering and Minority Engineering Program
 Description:These resources demonstrate some of Ohio State's efforts to support the recruitment and retention of women and minorities in engineering edu
14. Women in Engineering and Technology
 Description:The Women in Engineering and Technological Fields Initiative (FEMME Programs) is a continuum of programs developed to address the needs of f
15. Women in Engineering-Web Page
 Description:Women in Engineering-Web page expanded to include Gateway Directory, Inspirations, Connections, etc.
16. Women's Issues Committee
 Description:The Committee provides a forum for women at NJIT to discuss matters of common concern, including issues related to the academic and social e

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