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Gateway Engineering Education Coalition

Students are one of our greatest assets and we endeavor to support them as they become emerging professionals in the field of engineering. This support takes various forms including formation of a student council composed of representatives from each partner institution to offer critical feedback and to assist in the development and implementation of the program.

There are 10 projects in this section.
1. Assessing Writing Instruction in a Sophomore Engineering Course:
Iterations of Integrating Writing from 1995-1999

 Description:This document describes the establishment, operation, and assessment of a student writing center within the ECE Dept. of the Univ. of South
2. Ethics-Evaluation and Presentation of Experimental Data
 Description:Course materials and presentations used within the ethics component of a course on evaluationd and presentation of experimental data. The pu
3. Incorporating Ethics in the Engineering Curriculum
 Description:A monograph, one in a series on Engineering Education Excellence, supported by the Gateway Coalition. In this document a faculty member wit
4. Leadership and Women in Engineering Program Workshop
 Description:A Leadership Program was established at Cooper Union with Outward Bound®, in order to give participants skills to be effective leaders, and
5. Leadership Initiative In Engineering Education
 Description:LEAP is the Cooper Union School Of Engineering's new leadership initiative in engineering education, designed to offer engineering students
6. Making the Writer the Expert:The Importance of Composition and Rhetorical
Theory to Writing in the Disciplines

 Description:In this document the author uses the interrelatedness of theory and practice as a means of analyzing the writing of engineering students and
7. McNair Conference Booklet
 Description:The McNair Program, in conjunction with Gateway, fosters undergraduate research opportunities for students from underrepresented populations
8. Mentoring Undergraduate Engineering Students:
A Manual for Teaching Assistants

 Description:This monograph is designed to introduce engineering teaching assistants to some fundamentals of teaching communications and of communicating
9. Technical Presentation Methodology: Learning from our Errors
 Description:Industry wants students who are effective communicators, and one of the main methods of communication in the professional world is through p
10. Writing Center in Engineering :An Interdisciplinary Model
 Description:A monograph, one in a series on Engineering Education Excellence sponsored by the Gateway Coalition, describing the evolution of a unique pr

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