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There are 9 projects in this section.
1. The Design Studio Classroom
 Description:The teaching of fluid mechanics at the Cooper Union has been revised to make it an interactive design model. Key fluid mechanics principles
2. The Engineeering Mechanics Studio Classroom
 Description:The “Engineering Mechanics Studio/Classroom” (EMS/C) was developed for the Engineering Mechanics course (ESC100) given at the Cooper Union –
3. The Fluid Mechanics Modules
 Description:A series of 11 modules has been developed. Each module consists of an outline of the theory of a topic in fluid mechanics that will be cover
4. The Robotic Renaissance Project–Overview Website
 Description:In EID111: Design, Illusion and Realty: Robotics and Theater students from the Art, Architecture and Engineering Schools worked in interdisc
5. The Virtual Classroom Final Report
 Description:The concept of the virtual classroom is to substitute class lectures for modular based teaching aids in an open classroom where the professo
6. The Virtual Classroom Modules
 Description:The concept of the Virtual Classroom is to substitute class lectures for modular based teaching aids in an open classroom where the professo
7. VS CPU Simulator
 Description:As its name implies, the Very Simple CPU simulator is a computer simulation package designed to illustrate the functioning of the Very Simpl
8. Wallace Tree Simulator
 Description:Wallace trees are combinatorial logic structures designed to multiply binary numbers. Constructed using carry-save adders, they are faster
9. Web Based Tutoring System Animated Demonstration
 Description:An interactive tutorial system for aiding students who have difficulty with the pre-lab quiz is developed in addition to the quiz system. Wh

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