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There are 13 projects in this section.
1. Analysis in the Service of Design –The Virtual Soil Mechanics Laboratory
 Description:This paper was presented at the ASEE 2000 conference (session 3226). The Virtual Soil Mechanics Laboratory is used in conjunction with the i
2. Engineering Design & Laboratory
 Description:This program is intended to begin the student's preparation for future practice. It introduces a small but important segment of the present
3. Information Technology: Full Presentation
 Description:A Comprehensive video-Based web presentation with interview segments featuring Columbia University Senior Research Assistant Norm Chonacky
4. Internet Accessible Lab Experiments
 Description:Manual and CD-Introduction to the Art of Engineering. The manual contains description of 21 Instrumentation labs and 20 Practium series. It
5. Introduction to Welding Engineering (website)
 Description:A series of courses of differing academic levels from Ohio State University Welding Engineering Department. Material within the various cou
6. Remote Laboratory Data Acquisition and Control
 Description:Final Report: Remote Laboratory Data Acquisition and Control.
7. Report-Enhancement of Freshman Engr Lab through Remote Web
 Description:Report-Enhancement of Freshman Engr Lab through Remote Web-based Experiments. Documents the development, student assessment and results for
8. The Electronic Notebook
 Description:This web site is self-Contained and includes terminology for the Electronic Notebook Classroom, student information for getting started in a
9. Virtual Soils Final Report
 Description:This is the final report from the Virtual Soils Laboratory Project. The “Virtual Soils Laboratory” (VSL) is a website containing the laborat
10. Virtual Soils Laboratory
 Description:The “Virtual Soils Laboratory” (VSL) is a website containing the laboratory manual and self-calculating data sheets for the experiments perf
11. Visualization Software for Computer Systems
Organization and Architecture

 Description:The New Jersey Institute of Technology has developed several educational simulation packages for undergraduate topics in computer systems or
12. Web Based Course Evaluation System
 Description:This website demonstrates the basic structure and design of Columbia's web-based course evaluation system with user guide and documentation.
13. Web Based Courseware Preparation Guide
 Description:In college education, more and more courses are embedded with multimedia and deployed as courseware over the Internet. How to apply a web ba

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