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Gateway Engineering Education Coalition

The Coalition has developed several workshops and supporting tools to help its members develop and institutionalize outcome-driven assessment in their programs. In addition, we have incorporated the ABET 2000 Criteria as an important element in all assessment initiatives.

There are 15 projects in this section.
1. A Continuous Quality Improvement System:An On-going Assessment
Process within the College of Engineering and Information
Technology at U.S.C

 Description:A monograph, one in a series on Engineering Education Excellence sponsored by the Gateway Coalition, discusses a college-wide assessment and
2. A Manual for Assessing Design Project Teams
 Description:This report presents the development and results of an assessment conducted during the Spring of 1999 on the Robotics-for-Theatre project, a
3. A Web Based Turnkey Assessment Program
 Description:This is a web-based software package that can be used to survey students about course related assessment/evaluation issues. It also contai
4. Assessment Plan OSU Freshman Engineering Programs
 Description:This is the interactive assessment plan used in the college of Engineering Freshman Programs at Ohio State. The plan shows areas to be measu
5. Assessment Schedule
 Description:A Schedule Template helps our members to plan, organize, and schedule assessment development activities in conjunction with key ABET milest
6. Columbia Academic Review Process
 Description:This powerpoint presentation provides administration and faculty with a description of how Columbia's engineering school has created an on-g
7. Columbia Assessment Process
 Description:This report offers a description of Columbia’s assessment processes that are used to support student learning outcomes and program continuou
8. Departmental Workbook
 Description:A Departmental Workbook is used by our members to provide a structure to support program planning and objective setting in order to enhance
9. Faculty Inventory
 Description:A companion Faculty Inventory is a supporting activity that is frequently used in conjunction with the Faculty Workbook. The inventory is d
10. Faculty Workbook
 Description:Our members to provide support to faculty for course planning and objective setting use a Faculty Workbook. This workbook allows faculty to
11. Freshman Attitutes Survey
 Description:Form used by University of Pittsburg to measure students attitudes in Engineering. The survey is voluntary and now given online in the first
12. Measuring Performance in Engineering Education:
Assessment and the Quest for Best Practices at the Cooper Union

 Description:"Measuring Performance in Engineering Education" is a guide to assessment in engineering education. It explains the development of the asses
13. Post Survey for Departmental Workshop
 Description:A brief survey to solicit information about knowledge gained from departmental workshop. Can easily be converted to a pre-survey as well.
14. Short Departmental Workshop
 Description:This mini-workshop offers department chairs and faculty a basic overview of what they need to do to identify departmental/program objectives
15. University Assessment Plan, 2000
 Description:This Polytechnic University Assessment Plan provides a written document outline the goals, organization, and various assessment approaches u

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