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The Gateway Coalition, other NSF Coalitions, and institutions not in coalitions have developed many new materials relating to the curriculum, explored new teaching methodology, used the newest technologies which are adaptable to undergraduate education, and instituted faculty development and evaluation and assessment. These developments are the elements around which systemic change at individual institutions can be planned and implemented. The NSF Coalitions provide a wealth of examples and pilot programs that can be used for full scale adoption. The key is to get the information to the planners and potential users.

The Coalition expects to plan and present another Gateway Conference and Exposition. Our earlier Expo was a highly successful intra coalition event through which we demonstrated the projects and deliverables our various faculty were working on but was also coupled with some discussion of topics important to the engineering education changes taking place nationally as well as in Gateway. The Expo will provide opportunity for investigators to share their projects and results. We anticipate having both an on site audience as well as taking advantage of our telecommunications abilities for video conference links to remote audiences. The information for each of the projects will also be provided in condensed form on the Web so that users beyond those being addressed directly will be able to access information and make contact.

The Gateway Coalition, together with the SUCCEED Coalition have taken steps to share our expertise in addressing issues which we believe to be common not only to the efforts of our Coalitions but whose outcomes will be of benefit to the broader engineering education community. Beyond establishing a formal liaison individual who will serve to enhance our intercoalition communications and which in turn will foster the cooperative activities, we have identified specific functions. We will each serve as beta test locations for our respective deliverables which are now becoming ready for that phase of our programs. This will broaden the base for testing, receipt of user feedback, and potential institutional implementation as we also prepare these same items for broader distribution. We will work together to identify assessment and evaluation measures and how they might be broadly applicable in the new paradigms evolving as a result of Coalition and other engineering educational systemic reforms. This will broaden the base of norms for new outcome measures. Finally, we have agreed to share resources where they can support specific efforts.

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