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The goal of this programmatic effort is to ensure that women and minorities are included in the plans for each component/project for institutionalization before the process begins. Evaluation of institutionalization and all other project activities would, from the onset, include women and minorities in an effort to mainstream the minority and women HPD components throughout all Gateway projects across institutions. The final outcome would be that of establishing a foundation for long term impact and institutionalization that is inclusive and beneficial to these underrepresented groups. This concept is in keeping with the view that the Gateway programs themselves, as they are institutionalized, should be able to provide a step function improvement in the many factors which lead to better attraction and retention of these underrepresented groups in engineering education at the same time that these programs serve the broader general institution's engineering student population.

Gateway proposes to have as its women and minorities Support Program Leader a full time faculty level professional who would be responsible for providing leadership, consultation, and guidance to the overall activities of institutionalization of the Gateway projects and activities, including the evaluation process, as it pertains to inclusiveness of women and underrepresentative populations such as African Americans and Hispanics. This individual will have both a student affairs and program evaluation background that allows for an understanding of the Gateway activities as they are specifically applicable to women and underrepresented minorities.

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