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Gateway has been innovative and aggressive in anticipating the potential of new modes of interaction and communication to pioneer and exploit emerging technologies such as the Internet, the World Wide Web and video conferencing over TCP/IP and DSL, to develop a networked communication environment within the coalition. We have created a Gateway communication infrastructure that is already enabling and encouraging the Coalition schools to share, on-line, a variety of distributed resources such as faculty, laboratories and learning/teaching tools. The focus has been on expanding the boundaries of instruction beyond the classroom and beyond each institution. This includes electronic sharing of courseware, remote access and control to laboratory and other unique facilities, video conferencing among institutions connecting Gateway colleagues and students, bringing experts into the classroom in real time, sharing images and programs as well as textual material in real time, and conducting electronic collaboration on course design and instruction. Through the World Wide Web, the Gateway network is indeed linked to the world and the Coalition has begun the process of collecting, sharing and disseminating substantial material in a routine fashion. In effect, this impacts every aspect of communications within the Gateway community of students and scholars.

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