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1. For a Common language in the House of Poetry
Contact Name: Jean Mee Organization:The Cooper Union

The title “The House of Poetry” was that adopted for an exciting Leo Leonni Seminar offered in 1995 and 1996 to a small group of students at the Cooper Union. Faculty and speakers from the three schools and from the faculty of Humanities and Social Science collaborated in the design and implementation of the seminar. Each year Professor Jean LeMée presented a couple of lectures in these seminars in addition to those presented in his course on Design Illusion and Reality (EID 111). The present opuscule is a compilation of lecture notes that have been used on these occasions, organized in a more unified and systematic way than had been possible before. The slide presentation format and the terse and at times perhaps even cryptic wording have been retained from the lecture notes. This permits a quick glance at the material but is also an invitation to reflection and argumentation between pages on a page-to-page reading as it would in an oral presentation. Its purpose is to introduce students of engineering in particular but also of architecture and art, to a wider concept of design than they may generally meet in their more specialized courses. It is an effort to widen their horizon and help them see design in places where they might not expect it, as well as to frame it within a more philosophical and poetic context than they may be used to.

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