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1. Wallace Tree Simulator
Contact Name: John Carpinelli Organization:New Jersey Institute of Technology

Wallace trees are combinatorial logic structures designed to multiply binary numbers. Constructed using carry-save adders, they are faster than traditional shift-add hardware and require much less space than lookup ROMs. This package simulates 4-, 6-, and 8-bit Wallace trees as presented in the textbook "Computer Systems Organization and Architecture." The user selects the size of the multiplier and the values of the multiplier and multiplicand. The simulator displays all partial results within the tree, as well as the final product. The user may also view the hardware used to generate partial products and the internal computations of the carry-save adders.

The simulator is coded as a Java applet and requires version 1.4.1 or higher of Sun's Java VM, available at The source and executable files are available for download under the terms of the GNU Public License

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