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1. Team Developer
Contact Name: Jack McGourty Organization:Columbia University

The Team Developer is an electronic assessment and feedback system designed to help the student grow and develop as a team member by providing a mechanism for 360-degree feedback of all team members. The format enables all team members to communicate concerns, issues, and evaluations in a constructive fashion. The feedback process it fosters helps enhance team member communication and improve team performance. Intended for students, who work on problem-solving teams, group case analyses, or students making team presentations.

Student Guidebook provides background on some key skills needed to be an effective team member. Each chapter addresses a key aspect of team behavior. A sample chapter can be downloaded below. The full student guidebook is currently available from Wiley by using ISBN 0471-403849. The instructor's manual and software is available from the Wiley Website. Please visit: and enter 'Mcgourty' in the search window. Clicking on the title will bring up a description of the project, and clicking on 'Companion Sites -Instructor' will take you to information on the instructor's manual and software. Click here to View PDF Document.

Accompanying Student software provides the student with a sample survey to enhance his or her understanding of the assessment and feedback process. To view the sample program, click to download the zipped file below. After extracting the zipped file, click “run” to start the sample program.Click Here to Download.

A Sample Report is included and discussed to show how to use the program most effectively. Here is a sample of the types of reports that some of our institutions have provided to students as part of the Team Developer overall process.Click Here to View PDF Document

An Instructor’s Manual provides background on using the Team Developer, incorporating teams into class projects, suggested activities to foster teamwork, and complementary team assessment techniques.Click Here to View PDF Document

Instructor’s Presentation Slides provides instructors with resources to support in-class presentations regarding key team behaviors and the Team Developer process.Click Here to View PowerPoint Presentation

Instructor’s Software provides the program that creates the student survey application, tallies student inputs and prints reports. The full administrator’s program may be obtained from John Wiley’s Website: and enter 'Mcgourty' in the search window. Clicking on the title will bring up a description of the project, and clicking on 'Companion Sites -Instructor' will take you to information on the Instructor’s software.

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