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Manufacturing/Concurrent Engineering

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1. Fundamentals of Manufacturing CD
Contact Name: Raj Mutharasan Organization:Drexel University

This CD contains two multimedia packages that relate to Fundamentals of Manufacturing: Semiconductor Processing and Fiber Manufacture. These two manufacturing examples illustrate several transport phenomena fundamentals. The multimedia is designed to be self-contained teaching modules. The textbooks for these modules reside on this CD in two forms. One set of textbooks (Web Books) is written in HTML and may be read using a web browser. The other set is in Adobe Acrobat Readable (PDF) format, which can be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

This project is funded by National Science Foundation (Engineering Education and Centers Division, Award No. EEC 9109794 and EEC 9727413) through the Gateway Coalition. This CD is a product of the Department of Chemical Engineering, Drexel University. To learn more about Gateway, visit its home at Drexel University.

Fundamentals of Manufacturing

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